The Horse Box Bar offers an innovative and distinctive twist on providing drinks during your special day.

Converted in 2018 our super horse box trailer provides an exceptionally novel bar service at your wedding, party or special event.

The Horse Box Bar staff will create a memorable occasion for you and a standout highlight your guests will be talking about for a long time!

The Horse Box Bar

The Horse Box Bar

After a sudden life changing event I realised time can be all too short not to attempt fresh and different ideas. After a tough and difficult interval I took the bold step and launched The Sandwich Shop, in West Street, Alresford, Hampshire. Embarking on a new business brought vast challenges, but with it came great rewards, not least the massive support from the local community.

7 years on and in 2018, I had the confidence to embark on a new venture and launched The Horse Box Bar which took off positively with people hiring it for local events and promotions.

The natural and organic growth of enquiries has led to opening up new opportunities to enhance The Horse Box Bar experience which are outlined here.

For further information contact me anytime to discuss your individual requirements and the team and I look forward to working with you.
Thank You, Sarah

Perfect For Any Event

The Horse Box Bar - Keeping It Simple
You select your Bar Service Package
A Bar Charging Option
That works for you


Arriving promptly to set up outside the Church ahead of your wedding, guests will be served chilled Prosecco or Champagne – children soft drinks whilst photographs are being taken.

Professional photographs at a wedding can often take some time to set up and this offers a fun, entertaining solution and couples say it works perfectly as they don’t have to worry about keeping guests waiting at the church!

Alternatively if you have hired a wedding venue where The Horse Box Bar could also be utilised, or perhaps you have a large open garden and intend holding the wedding at home, or aim to have a marquee in a meadow or parkland, The Horse Box Bar would certainly offer that special personal flair you are looking for to complement your day.


Whatever event you are planning to organise The Horse Box Bar is the perfect way to provide your guests a hospitality option that is fun, exciting and will be completely managed for you!

Special Birthday * Anniversary * Pre or Post Prom Party * Christening * Retirement Party

Special Promotions & Corporate Events



  • Hire and delivery of The Horse Box Bar to your venue
  • Bar set up
  • Professional staff to serve your guests
  • Horse Box decoration, disposable glassware & ice
  • Temporary Event Notice as required
  • A non-refundable deposit of £250 is required to book and secure your date
  • Ordered beverages are invoiced 2 weeks prior to your event

£120 per hour, minimum of 3 hours

Additional pre-booked charge per hour is £100

  • You provide your own beverages
£120 per hour, minimum of 3 hours

Additional pre-booked charge per hour is £100

  • We provide all the beverages, pre-arranged and invoiced
£360, duration 2 hours

Additional pre-booked charge per hour is £100

  • Includes service from the time of arrival to the end of the ceremony, minimum 2 hours
  • Pre-arranged and invoiced Champagne/Prosecco and Soft Drinks
  • After ceremony Bar Service or Full Bar Service can be added.

Bar Charging Options

The Horse Box Bar

Open Bar

A running tab with payment made at the end of the evening by the client by cash or card

The Horse Box Bar

Guests Bar

Guests pay for drinks themselves as ordered

The Horse Box Bar

Pre Ordered Tab Bar

Pre determined by the client, an amount is put on tab after which time guests pay for their own drinks

The Horse Box Bar

Wedding Day Fizz Bar

Wedding Day Bookings Only
Pre-arranged and invoiced Champagne/Prosecco
and Soft Drinks for the ceremony.
After the ceremony you can add
extra hours with
the Bar Service or Full Bar Service.
Additional hours are charged as above

The Horse Box Bar

Massive Thank you to Sarah and her Horse Box Bar for our wedding everything went well and we had a fab day, we highly recommend The Horse Box Bar!!

Cheers - Glenn and Carole

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We are based in Alresford, Hampshire and travel up to 20 miles to an event

If you would like book a date to hire The Horse Box or ask for more information please contact Sarah

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